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OPB:  Think Out Loud

Advocates Jay Benke and Robin Miller appear as guests to speak about how law enforcement and the criminal justice system has made some changes in the way they handle those who force children and adults into sex trafficking. But too often victims are still being charged with crimes related to being trafficked, they say, and far more is needed to help victims recover and make sure they’re not trafficked again. 

World Without Exploitation

Listen to Oregon's Northwest Survivor Alliance Town Hall meeting to hear a discussion about the realities of fully decriminalizing prostitution in the state of Oregon. You will hear from survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation as well as leaders and allies. Together let’s get a better understanding of this important issue. 

Northwest Survivor Alliance

The Northwest Survivor Alliance is the creation of survivors of human trafficking who have come together in support of the Equality Model to impact policy and legislation through a race and social equity lens.  We create platforms where survivor voices are heard, and action is taken.  Your lived experience of sexual exploitation is welcome at the NWSA table. 

Elevate Academy

Elevate Academy is an online school that serves survivor's of  human trafficking by focusing on professional development and economic empowerment.  Our innovative classes and cohorts are exclusively focused on preparing survivors to fulfill their career dreams.  Whether they are creating a life plan, learning leadership skills, or preparing for a job interview, Elevate Academy offers everything our students need to take the next step towards a new start. 


The Department of Justice Crime Victim and Survivor Services Division Trafficking Intervention Advisory Committee advises and supports the Attorney General’s work developing a coordinated statewide response to child and youth sex trafficking. The Mission of the Advisory Committee is to provide guidance, support and resources to communities, as well as the state’s Trafficking Intervention Coordinator, in order to build a strong response to child sex trafficking and to provide meaningful access to services for all survivors of trafficking in Oregon. 

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board is part of Multnomah County's Sex Trafficking Collaborative.  Members provide feedback and recommendations related to sex trafficking, services, and system support. CAB works alongside and provides insight to the executive team of the Multnomah County Sex Trafficking Collaborative, made up of different agencies and programs including social service providers, elected County Commissioners, local law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Department of Community Justice, and the District Attorney’s office, among others.