We agree human trafficking is terrible but what can we, as individuals, do about it?


When people spread myths and misconceptions, someone has to undo that narrative.  This places a burden on service providers and advocates who's attention is much needed elsewhere in the movement.  Before believing or sharing information about human trafficking, check that the organization is reputable and/or share information that survivor leaders create for that very purpose.  For social media and contact information for participating survivors, advocates, allies, and businesses that contribute to supporting victims and survivors, visit The Network.


Every person sits at some table in which advocates do not have access, whether that be your family or social circle, your place of business, or your house of worship, etc.  Awareness is the largest hurdle we face in ending human trafficking.  When we know better we can do better.   By amplifying truthful information and creating spaces for experts like Jay to share their knowledge, we can all make a big impact.  To schedule a consultation with Jay about speaking or providing training at your table, click here.


If you were asked to give a 5 minute talk about human trafficking, could you do it from a place of real understanding?   For most people, the answer is no.  There are a plethora of incredible people and organizations carrying out meaningful work and creating education opportunities for the general public.  By following survivors like Jay and reputable organization, you'll have access to a wide variety of events both in person and online.  To attend upcoming events that are open to the public, click here.