"Jay is a brilliant leader, an insightful thinker and a collaborative partner.  She is wonderful to work with - always willing to step up, share her keen insight and support important efforts."

Lauren Hersh (she/her)

National Director of World without Exploitation


"Elevate Academy is truly honored and grateful to have Jay as a contributing instructor.  Her experience is vast, and her knowledge runs deep.  We Highly recommend working with Jay.  She will bring value, expertise, and empathy to your group!"

Rebecca Bender (she/her)

Founder, CEO of Elevate Academy

Patty Bennett (she/her)

Director of Elevate Academy


"Jay Benke's consensus building skills cannot be underscored enough. Jay leans into discomfort with consent and is not afraid to include the outgroup. Jay's approach to commercial sexual exploitation is rooted deeply in community and her ability to see the best in others while acknowledging our downfalls. Anyone receiving technical assistance from Jay would benefit immensely and should consider themselves fortunate for access to this wonder of a human."

Mercy Dizon (she/her)

founding partner of Queers Uniting to End Exploitation


“It was a privilege and a great experience working with Jay. She is a brilliant speaker, organizer and women rights’ advocate. Jay knows how to bring people together and mobilize collective voices for change. We’re very thankful for her leadership.” 

Héma Sibi (she/her)

Advocacy Coordinator of CAP International